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Sometimes you just never know what you'll find out on the trail. A small portion of our ATV Club was camping and riding together last weekend. On Sunday we decided to do a short ride before packing up to head home. We were in uncharted territory (for our ride leader) and most of the group was having fun exploring but we were having troubles finding the right road to the top of a nearby peak. We stopped at a 4-way intersection and I decided to try one more option while the rest stayed behind and the grumblers began to demand the leader head back. A mile up the road I realize it's the correct one but I have no radio contact so I continue on toward the peak. One other member decides to come after us (they could hear me on the radio but I could not hear them).
Nearing the top we see a small bit of smoke and are suddenly buzzed by a helicopter. The helicopter (military) comes around again and the GF says "are they going to SHOOT at us?" :surprise:
Knowing the area and what happens nearby I recognize the situation for what it truly is and stifle my laughter.
We got to the top and found a small campfire and a group of USAF Survival School students in the "rescue" phase of their training. The helo (unarmed by the way) gave us a good show and we got some great pics.

Moral of the story...take that other road, go to the top of the mountain, see what's around the next corner. You never know what you'll find. Of the 12 individuals in our group that day only 4 of us got to experience this.


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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