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Anyone that's interested in riding in WI should go to this website and purchase this trail map. It is simply fantastic and covers all the trails in WI and breaks it down by county...

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Good call, I bought one of those in Adams County when I was up riding a few years back. And now it's probably out of date I should buy a new one. Yes, usually when I look at a destination I find out what county it is and Google ATV maps for the county. And usually the clubs will pop up and have the maps available. But this book is really good!

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A suggestion select the county(s) you are interested in and visit their visitors website. I just ordered maps and the visitors guides for sawyer county.
Douglas and Bayfield Counties have excellent trail systems. There are several trails that branch off the Tri-County Corridor trail (Superior to Ashland) that also travel through Washburn and Ashland Counties. The towns in Ashland/Washburn are not too UTV/ATV friendly, so if you are doing any road riding, make sure you are on an approved ATV route. I would highly recommend:

The Battleaxe Trail (Iron River to Lake Superior in Port Wing, Wisconsin (some road riding and switching trails)
The Lenawee Trail
The Valhalla Trail
Moquah Spur Trail
Iron River Trail

In my opinion, these are some of the best trails anywhere, beautiful woods trails meandering through a wide variety of country.


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