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Going to try to post pics for all the money you folks here made me spend!😂



Last week was the SATV 1.5” forward A arms, and then yesterday Tusk Tetons @ 5/2, and 30-10-14 Terrabites, 8 ply. But since December, Boss poly plow, complete fluids, Hunter round pucks, and belt, side, and rear view mirrors, angel eye headlights, roof light, 2 rear lights for plowing, windshield wiper, and I am sure I am forgetting a couple more small items!
Going to do the Gilomen ECU upgrade, and possibly some clutch work, depending on what Terry tells me I might need. Found out he is only 25 miles away from me, and will go and see him to talk face to face!😂

Anyone interested in a perfect set of front stock A arms? Contact me here.
1881 - 1881 of 1881 Posts