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What’s your preferred brand of recovery gear?

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I’m in the process of going through my tools and gear that were in my RZR band transferring to my new General. With the extra cargo space, it might be time to upgrade some recovery gear. I don’t ride in places I’m likely to get stuck, but wouldn’t head out without emergency gear.

I’m thinking a strap(length?), soft shackles, tree saver, maybe a snatch block.

Anything else specifically for recovery? I’d prefer to avoid Chinese crap and don’t mind paying for products made in USA.
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The strap sounds like the best option of all of them. The only issue is, I use my winch as much or more in the winter than I do in the summer. Usually pulling folks out of the snow. So having the strap on is a pain in the ass, as you can't switch it quickly. It's a seasonal thing. Then I use the use of my winch for anything other than plowing, which cannot happen. So a cheap rope or strap is not an option.

(Did I just say the strap on is a pain in the ass?) I need to stop.
I use a short boat winch strap. You just need enough to get a couple wraps around the drum. I spool out that much winch line. Tape the strap to it and wind it in. I don't unspool the line. Works good. Easy to add and remove.
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Since mine just broke, and the loop is off, I may just try this, as I have a boat winch strap on my work bench from a boat trailer winch I replaced. It will be a good test for the rest of the winter. My question is, when I go back to using it as a regular winch, I won't have my loop for the hook, as that will not roll up into the winch. In the summer, do you just leave it with no hook on the end? Or are you just tying it on for the non winching season?

I take the hook off the winch line for plowing. Put it back on when I take the strap out. I'll try and get pictures or a video to better explain it. Fortunately I haven't had to plow this year.
I actually read your previous post once again, and it makes sense. You literally pull rope out and the strap runs in tandem with the rope and not extending the rope. So you literally may have the two sticking out your fairleed/roller. So when it comes time to winch, you can just pull the pair out and set the strap aside. I was wondering what would happen to that hook.

I'm definitely going to try this now. Thank you.
Yes. Exactly this.
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