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that looks so sweet together. you definitely have skills!!! you remind me of my uncle with your resourcefulness. he had a king midget car and wanted the baby moon hubcaps. found them at a car meet for $100 per hubcap. and i think that was back in 1990 or so. he said there was no way he was going to pay that for the hubcaps. next time i saw the car, he had the hubcaps on. when i said i thought he wasn't going to pay for them, he said he didn't. he bought 4 of the "chrome" popcorn bowls from walmart, cut them down and made them fit. all for $4.95. no one ever knew until he told them. keep up the good work!!


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Very Nice work TT, as always, you killed it!
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Awesome job......very well done. Looks like WisconsinNorthwoods type foliage in the back round too!!

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Thank you! :)
I took it for the first spin this evening! Everywhere I went, people asked me about it or pointed & smiled! lol! It pulls great even though the leaf springs are probably totally overkill. I think, if it'd fit, that little trailer could easily haul a rhinoceros! lol! It looks so cute all together! I love it.
I'm just waiting for the pigtails I ordered for the trailer lighting. It's the type that simply plug into the taillight connector. I could have just soldered into the wires, but these were so inexpensive and easy, why not. Once I've got those, the trailer lights will work.

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My Gosh, my wife and I absolutely love the work you accomplished on that project!!!! Great job!

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Here鈥檚 the final update on the little trailer. I mentioned the other day that I had ordered a pigtail that just plugs into the taillight and I was going to use that to wire in a flat-4 trailer harness.

Well, I ordered the wrong one 馃檮 and instead of waiting yet another week to button up this project, I just decided to solder into the existing taillight wiring.

On my General, at the taillight, brown is ground, orange is brake and red w/yellow stripe is tail. I simply opened the factory loom, soldered the coinciding wires into those, coated each solder joint with rubber then sealed each with 3M electrical tape & stuck them back in the loom. I also enclosed the new trailer harness in 3/8 split loom and routed it down the frame to the receiver, being careful to avoid any pinch points or heat sources. I am designing a clip that will hold the flat 4 out of harm鈥檚 way at the receiver when the trailer isn鈥檛 hooked up.

It was a pretty simple wiring job and it came out nice & clean and works perfectly. 馃憤馃徎
I鈥檓 posting this from my iPhone so I hope the photos aren鈥檛 all wonky.




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