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What’s everyone think of the new Polaris XPEDITION?

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Fold flat rear seats, sealed cab/bed, hvac with power windows. Basically everything on the wish list minus trailing arms.
45k is no joke though
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I'll be the test dummy. 5 seat Northstar adv ordered right at open. Not sure if I'll sell the general. Maybe once shock therapy offers a kit.
35s are tempting on this new unit. Stretched wheelbase makes the clearance look great. Probably go 32s first and see how gearing is.

I'm most excited for the allegedly tighter sealed cab than the ranger. Even week long hunts are taxing in the general with the dust.

Not looking forward to no dump bed and therefore doing oil changes like the rzr guys. Good thing the OCI is doubled with the gen2 Prostar
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Most curious to see what diff, clutching, steering components have been upgraded.
Wet weight of 3,000 lbs is a massive weight gain for a sxs.
I'd imagine some of that gain is from new beefier components.
Being 5 lug, really hoping for the massive pro r hubs and wheel bearings
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Same front wheel bearings as the ranger and smaller rzrs. Seems odd for a 3k lb machine.

Front diff is isolated

Tie rods look xpedition specific

secondary clutch is the p90x from the ranger. primary looks all new

same oil filter as the general

Xpeditition specific ball joints
1 - 4 of 51 Posts