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The General Build.

I have had tons of people ask me WHY not buy a RZR!!
Here is my take on that question. I picked up our General in the winter of 2021.
I really could not get any seat time until spring, I actaully left it at the dealer until late March.
I rode the General for about 4 months and was not impressed with the ride compared to our Rzr.
I understand the General suspension can be upgraded to fox shocks and maybe shock therapy springs etc etc.
After talking to a couple great guys We decided to build our own suspension with the same dimensions as a RZR Turbo.

But WHY?? This question is asked just as often. We made this decision because we really love the General cabin space, cargo box.
plus the General I can see everything, especially when dropping into a hole, or climbing rocks, over dead trees etc etc.

What did it cost??
Well if you include all the sent out fab work, Powder coating , welding , steel , CNC work, and labour, Alot more then we expected.
We had looked roughly at these numbers we are looking around 46,000-49,000

Parts We Used.
Ok so with a mock up I did not want to buy brand new parts so I grabbed a full used suspension off a 2018 RZR Turbo.
tested and mocked up all parts with all dimensions and blue prints, after HCC was done with all the fabricating we put the General back together.
Ran the 2018 Turbo suspension for 1 season to work out all the bugs and tweek where we thought it needed it. We removed all used parts,
And started ordering all new suspension parts front to back all Brand new, Arched forward adjustable A arms, Bracket front lift fabbed with multi angle shock positions.
Rear Polaris Trailing arms Unfortunately only had red in stock sent out to powder coat Blue, arched boxed adjustable Radius rods, Rhino 2.0 Axles x4, trans pulled and RZR rear end installed and gear reduction installed, 3P fully adjustable clutchs, Swapped squars out to rollers aswell, Billet Helix, Tuned with Assassins tune, Dynojet V3 tuner, Belt temp monitoring system from Razorback, Billet 4inch dual idler portals ,Fox internal bypass 3.0 rears,2.5 fronts, 2022 HL RZR front Bumper, 4500 Dual speed winch ,Rigid Halo Cubes, Auxbeam led headlights, rock lights, Full Stereo system amp 2 subs, door speakers, kenwood double din headunit, IceCrusher cab heater, Rear window, front tip out window, Pwr wiper, and sprayer, sport roof, Seizmak uppers , HCC the Vault Airbox, HCC Resevoir perches , MSA 20inch rims, Outlaw 3s 35inch, Daul Batteries Yellow top with isolator, SATV Gen 2 snorkel kit. I am sure I am missing bunch of things, and some items are still coming in.

Whats next?
Full wrap is still under design, finishing the stereo set up. Rear cam set up.

Thank you to all the people who follow this build, and give positive feed back.
build Is not done yet!! This is a older pic will update later next month. atm alot of parts are out at powder coat.
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2021 Polaris General 1000
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Love these modified over units !! Did the stock air filter box work or what did you use if not. also did you find a totaled out unit for the used parts the first time or how did you loacte it all
I had a airbox custom made. All used parts I sourced out online. Since then I have replaced those parts with brand new aftermarket parts.
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