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Temperature erratic

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My temperature is all over the place it will go up and down from -20 to 200. I read where it could be a fuse or breaker but I can’t find it anywhere.
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Could be air or a faulty sending unit as well…radiator full?
Yes the radiator is full
I have had issues with that 30 amp breaker fuse on my General XP getting too hot and kicking out. Did away with it and replaced it with a common 30 amp fuse. No more issues!
Where is this breaker located?
Ryan it is located in your fuse box where your battery is located. How old is your General? If is new Pirate is right on the subject about bleeding the air out of it.
It is a 2017
It is a 2017
Just realized that my overflow is leaking out so it’s not staying full. But my radiator is full. I don’t know it this is a problem but thought I would say it
May have air somewhere then.....
How do I get the air out?
You can try the bleed screw at the engine, you can leave front elevated after some heat cycles then check level or you can get the kit from Amazon.
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The fan does come on I’m not sure what temp it come on at.

Personally I think it’s the temp sending unit from what you describe. Your fan ever come on? Can you make it run where you say you only get to 200? Have you added a heater or changed any hoses? Been into the cooling system at all???? Try unplugging the temp sensor and see if the fan comes on…..🤷🏿‍♂️
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