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So while doing my research for my retractable harness installs on my G4 I was able to find

Click 6 Polaris harnesses on G4 - Click 6 Harnesses Installed in G4
Can-Am harnesses on a G2 - Retractable Harnesses on a G2
could not find the Canned Ham harness on a G4

Got the front two harnesses in last weekend. As everyone has said... should have done it sooner. SO much more comfortable.

Honorable mentions need to go out to @Herdfan & @littleboss as much of the fabrication ideas were modeled from what they did. Thank you both for taking the time to post your work. It helped me with my project greatly.

Started with (2) pieces of 1x1 square stock cut at 53" long - wanted to take the belt and flip the retractor so I could mount it more compact to the back of the seat but quickly found out it needs to be mounted at 90 degrees to the ground or it locks and does not let the belts extend.

Tire Wheel Vehicle Automotive tire Car

Motor vehicle Wood Tool Gas Auto part

Cut some pieces of 3/16" plate, measured out and drilled holes for the retractor to mount, rounded out the corners, and cut some triangles for the ends for gussets, welded a couple of 1' x 2" pieces to the bottoms where the bar will get bolted through the factory bolt holes.

Hood Motor vehicle Automotive tire Bumper Automotive design

Hit it with a quick coat of Krylon and bolted the retractors in.

Fixture Automotive design Automotive tire Seat belt Motor vehicle

Found the Black Rhino belt pass throughs via a post that @BajaCharlie had made. They were simple enough to install and much cheaper than new seats with pass throughs. Black Rhino Performance | Seatbelt Harness Inserts

Under seat boxes can be accessed by just pulling the handle and moving the seat forward. Seats are still removable by removing the two nuts that hold the retractors and pulling the lap belts out of the tensioners. Yeah, not as fast as a quick release harness, but I will trade the couple minutes to get them out for the comfort of the retractables.

I ordered one of the Canned Ham foam covers off Ebay to see if I can make that work to give them some padding. We will see when it arrives.

Still have not found a set of harness' for what I would like to pay so I have not completed the back seat install yet. I will update once I find them and install them.

Hope this helps some one down the road with their install.
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