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I have 2017 General, and just hit 25hours. So thought I would do the oil change myself after reading posts here.
I thought it was going to be painful from reviews, but turned out to be fairly easy. (with proper wrench).

I removed plug, and let it drain while I replaced the filter. I had warmed engine up about 5min, so warm but not hot.
BTW, the plug I have has a permanent o ring, and does not use the copper crush washer.
So, new filter, and plug back in.
Add the 2.5 quarts from the kit, let idle a minute and check level.. The level was way way too high. Probably about an inch over the high mark.
Double, triple checked. I used vacuum pump to remove at least a quart to get it back to safe level.
How can this happen? Any one else experience this?
I was on level surface, and everything seemed to go perfectly.

Thanks for any feedback.

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Welcome to the site and to General ownership!

It just adds to the stories you can tell about a awesome machine! :grin2:
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