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Had an opportunity on the last day of the ROTR to get a complete set of RokBlokz fender flares/mud flaps and the battery compartment cover.

Before heading to Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming...I got the battery compartment cover installed. Sure glad I got that far!

I'm just not sure I want the full fender flares as I don't think they will enhance the look of the General.

But...riding out of West Yellowstone, on a 9 mile route back to the KOA, on a trail that saw rain the day before, and had lots of small and large puddles, that I tried to go around at every instance...

Only to get back to the Toyhauler and discover how much mud was packed behind the front tires, on top of the Factory UTV skid plate. Its incredible! Took the floor plugs out...and sure enough there is mud that far back!!!

So gotta install at least a part of the RokBlokz flare/flap to keep mud out of there!!!

Here's a pic of the mess...that sort of black thing is the round tube forming the front of the main frame!!

Anyone else working with something different?


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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