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Hello fellow general owners. I just picked mine up 2 days ago. Located in NY- fingerlakes area. I have owned a bunch of polaris atv's and snowmobiles and had a ranger 800xp for 5 years. I was in the market for an upgrade this year and i did check out other brands and even test drove them as well as the 900 ranger which is a nice machine.
My dealer had mentioned to me last fall about Polaris releasing a new model called the general and would let me know when one would come in. They finally called a few weeks ago and i went to check it out. With just one look i new i liked it.
But the proof is in the pudding as they say. As soon as i turned the key and heard that 999cc engine come to life, i felt a huge involuntary smile on my face.
My dealership has a great course on a steep side hill and has jumps, mudholes and side slopes and some straight track. With the awesome acceleration, sure footed stance. Cool-ass engine breaking i new i was going to buy this machine. Did i mention hitting a 3 foot jump at 25mph and getting some air? The landing was so soft that i dont think my coffee would have spilled if it was on the dash.
I ordered the poly roof and lexan windshield and rock sliders which i feel are a must because of the cracked plastic body panels i had on my 5 year old ranger- mostly not rocks but going over a log or 2 or up a steep creek bank.
So after i picked up the machine my teenage son and i took it for a test ride on the farm. It easily out performed my ranger 800 in off road capability and ride quality.
The only thing i noticed is that since i now have a full winshield that the engine noise seems to be amplified. I am going to put a rear winshield in to take care of that. I plan to install led light bars front/rear and some other practical upgrades.
In my opinion Polaris knocked it out of the park with the general.
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