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As I’ve posted, I fabricated a mount for my Garmin Zumo 660 GPS Unit in the dash.

But I carry two Garmin Rino 655t GPS units as well.

One is for Susan to take geo-tagged pictures along the way and to record a track of the entire days travel.

The other is for me to be able to stop, start, save, clear track logs so that I have the day’s ride broken down into pieces that are useable in BaseCamp.

Up to now the Rino units have been just “placed” somewhere in the cab, but not really secure or usable.

I had the two Rino units mounted in the 2009 RZR 800, and decided to see if I could use those Ram Mount components and whatever else needed to mount them in the General.

So sitting in the drivers seat and looking for a place to mount the Rino units that wouldn’t require drilling holes or messing with the dashboard. Aha, what about the lower Polaris windshield clamps? Perfect place to mount a Ram Mount ball and clamp the rest of the mount to it.

So I removed one of the clamps. Did so by turning the clamp to point upwards and then use a 14mm deep socket to remove the nut.

With the plastic clamp off, I marked a hole location half way between the corner and the angle bend on the outer edge. You can see it pretty well in the pictures. I drilled a ¼” hole through both sides with the clamp, clamped in my drill press. So my black 6mm screw is place through the center of the clamp, up through the top side hole, and a Phillips screwdriver could hold the screw coming up through the hole in the bottom side.

Worked like a charm. Put the windshield clamp back over the stud in the windshield bracket, installed the nut, tightened it, but the had to loosen it ½ turn so the clamp would rotate 90 degrees and keep the windshield held in tight.

Then used the Ram double socket arm over the ball in the windshield clamp and over the ball on the back of the Ram Holder for Rino GPS.

Put the Rino GPS units right where we can easily view them, use them and out of the way when just rolling along.

Here is a pic of the windshield clamp with the new Ram Mount ball in place

Here is a pic of the double socket arm

Here is a pic of the Ram Holder for Rino GPS units

And here is a pic of the components mounted in the General, ready for the Rino unit.

Here it the order sheet for the Ram Mount components to mount the Rino GPS units in the RZR 800

Here is the packaging for the ball mounts attached to the windshield clamp.

So there you have it. Parts list and pics of how-to that can be used to mount just about any GPS that Ram Mount makes a holder for.

Just sayin'


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Nice location and nice job. great post! :grin2:
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