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mounted my whips today, just drilled a hole in between two of the holes along the side of the bed and mounted them there, couldnt find any whip mounts and since we don't have a round roll cage whip mounts that mount on the cage were out of the question, will post pics tomorrow

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So here's how I mounted my two LED lighted whips:

I cut the plates on my PlasmaCam. The bolt through the bottom of the plate and into the whip mount is centered in the last hole in the bed rail:

I chose to use chrome button head 1/4 x 20 bolts and use a nut on the underside. To get the nuts in place, I removed the "General" side cover, then the inner fender well.

As by now most will know that you tip the bed up and use a T40 Torx bit to remove the screw that goes through the colored "General side cover" and the cover just pops off from the front end.

The inner fender well has 10 screws. 4 - T25 Torx screws along the side under where the "General side cover" mounts. 2 - T25 Torx screws & washer on the bottom of the inner fender well. 2 - T25 Torx screws that go in from the tailgate opening. A T40 Torx screw at the tailgate latch location and a T40 Torx screw at the front of the bed.

I had both inner fender wells lying on the rear tires as I did the install. The taillight wiring harness kept them from falling on the floor!

Note that my whips are the older design that use a flat four pin connector and a flat wiring harness. There is a rectangular cut in the mounting plate and I used that as a template for using a diamond grit Dremel tool bit to cut the rectangular opening in the top bed rail. I also put two 1/4" SS washers under each of the mounting plate bolts in order to keep a bit of space under the plate to keep things cleaner.

I purchased a splitter cable and a 12 ft extension cable to be able to operate two lighted whips from one LED controller. The power connection to the controller, the splitter cable and the excess extension cable are all mounted under the Driver's side General side cover:

I ran the extension cable across the front of the dump bed and covered it with 2" wide, black Gorilla Tape:

The cable to the Passenger side whip is run inside the inner fender well and then up through another mounting plate.

Now, as I mentioned in my Turn Signal post. I spliced into the red and green wires in the OEM rear harness. Those being the taillight wires. I ran those new red and green wires to a four pin connector. One pair goes to the license plate light and the other runs to the LED whip controller. So both are on any time the key is on. If I want to turn the whips off, I can just unplug them at the mounting plate.

Here's a bit fuzzy pic of the four pin connector and its location next to the OEM connector:

And lastly a pic of the two whips in place. Sorry so much of my shop shows, it was raining outside. And being Pirate, there are two different Pirate flags on the whips:

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