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Has anybody added the MB Quart Subwoofer to a general?

I found one for a smoking deal and decided to buy first and figure it out later.

-I don't think it's amplified: there is nothing in the descriptions to suggest it is.
-There are zero specs on the sub other than 10" and dual 4ohm.
- Interestingly in the description it does say: "Plug and Play Harness. Waterproof Connectors with pre-measured wires. No guesswork, no installation mistakes." To what exactly? Lol. Maybe ride command? (which I do not have)

Idea is to try and tie it in to the factory MTX overhead bar in our 2017 General 4. I bought the plug that allows RCA outputs for an AMP and read there is a remote wire as well. Now I guess I need to find a small amp I can cram under the dash along with this enclosure and run power to it which I would assume I'm going to pull direct from the battery since the sound bar is supposed to have a remote wire.
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