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Intake Cleaning?

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Is there a way to clean out the engine intake system? I recently purchased a "new to me" 2021 G2 and upon looking into the air box, there was too much dirt and mud in there for my liking. I removed the air filter and air box itself to give a deep cleaning. Before reinstalling them I would like to see if there was an effective way to clean the intaking tube system itself. You can see from the pics that there is mud and dirt in it. I am thinking about getting the filters for the engine and clutch intakes for extra protection.

Any suggestions?

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Option A: Drop the skid plate, remove the ducting and clean each piece.
Option B: Run a hose down the ductwork in place, followed by compressed air and time to dry. If you have a fish-tape, you could also run it through and tie it to a cloth, pulling it back through as a swab.
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