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Actually, its pretty easy. All you need toolwise is a torx wrench set. I forgot to look at the size I used, but I think it was like a size T30. I did it alone, but every step of the way would be easier with a helper.

Step one: Remove the roof.

There are two screws on the back edge of the roof in the center. Remove those screws and the clamp bracket that they screw into that is now loose.

With the screws and bracket removed, lift up on the back edge of the roof til it clears the roll cage. The slide the roof forward to disengage the tabs in the slots in front. Lift the roof off and set it somewhere out of the way.

Step 2: Remove the Radio

Without instructions to follow, I removed the visor. I found out that it is not necessary at all.

Remove the 2 screws along the bottom edge of the radio. Then remove the remaining 4 screws on the sides holding the radio in place. Gently lower the radio enough to get to the wiring on the passenger side.

Step 3: Unhook Wires

Using a small torx driver, remove the screw holding the zip-tie on the 3 incoming power wires.

Once the zip-tie is loose, unplug the 3 power wires bullet connectors by twisting slightly and pulling them apart.

You can now fully remove the radio from the vehicle. Installation should be the reverse of this procedure. While you have access, now would be a good time to buy a headphone jack extension cable. Plug it in to the connector by the power wires, and run it down the roll bar tube and under the dash to your desired location. Now you can dig out that old original non-bluetooth iPod and plug it into the aux and rock out like its 2003.

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