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Which cameras seem to work best-Go Pro or others? I have the ION CAMOCAM works ok, but I think the Go Pro might work better because of the RIDE COMMAND app(?) is already on it. Just asking so I can try granddaughter's HERO SESSION. Our hunt club has about 50,000 acres to play(HUNT! LOL) with lots of scenery and plenty of room for tree stands.

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Stan, a subject I have put a lot of time into. I've owned a hero 2, hero 3 black and now a hero 6 black.

My favorite is the hero 6, not because its newer...but it has a GPS chip built in. Using GoPro Quik one can use the program to show the GPS "track" as the video clip proceeds.

I have also found that by purchasing Race Render Ultimate for $59.95 I can extract that GPS track data and export it in the GPX format. From there I can upload it into Garmin BaseCamp. There it will appear where it was taken. Very handy if you're into using your GPX files and being able to share them with others.

Through a number of "chats" with GoPro over the last six months or so...we have learned something important.

Different that your iPhone or Android, different than a tablet, different than most devices I own...a bunch...

I have my GoPro camera mounted at the upper portion of the front, left, cage down tube. In this location I can see the camera screen at all times and have it set at 100% brightness and never to turn off. Thus from my position as Driver I can see the screen at all times. I have a MyPilotStore hardwired USB dual charging port located on the dash to the left of the steering column. So I can see the battery % charge at all times. I kept the camera plugged in and charging so it was ready for use whenever.

I learned that when the GoPro hero 6 camera battery reaches 100% charge and is still plugged in to power...it shuts down. To get it working again, that is to say reset, I have to remove the camera from the case, pull the battery out, push it back in and the camera will start.

I use the GoPro Smart Remote to control the camera for starting and ending video clips. It is not difficult to pair the two and get the wireless connection established. Works great...But, if I have the Smart Remote plugged into power, and it gets to 100% charge and still has power connected...the Smart Remote loses its connection to the camera. I have learned to disconnect power and leave the remote powered ON. When the battery charge drops to about 80% the Smart Remote regains its wireless connection to the camera and everything works fine.

So how to deal with this problem????

I have to control the charging of the Hero 5 camera and Smart Remote so that neither gets to 100% charge out on the trail.

I chose to use the last available slot on my dash switch panel and install a switch to make it easy for my to stop and start charging.

I went with RockerSwitchPros.com and had this switch made:

Now I have easy control of the charging cycle and should not have further problems.

Oh, got the switch installed, wired up, working fine. Loaded up and drove 280 mile to the Wagon Wheel Rendezvous in Meeker, CO. Got set up, went and registered. went for a drive to dinner, and went and found teh staging locations for the next three days.

Next morning we had breakfast and off to our staging area. Nice group of people. Headed out and got about 17 miles and the Left Rear axle snapped just behind the axle nut...how does that happen???

Got a trailer ride from Hal Pearce, got loaded up in the Toyhauler. And now at home waiting for the last parts to arrive so I can reassemble and see how the hero 6 works. I'll bet perfectly.

So I like GoPro camera, like the stable video format...and I should run fine with Turner Nitro axles on the back end!!

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