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Full size doors and Stock door swap question

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So my general came from the dealership with the Polaris full size doors installed. When I took delivery, they game the removed stock half doors and sent me on my way.

Well, I got half way through swapping back to the half doors for the summer season the other day just to find out it looks like a completely different striker bar/plate is required for the stock doors? I have contacted my dealership about this and of course they state "Nope, we gave you everything we had at delivery".

I thought to swap the doors all you had to do was uninstall the hinges from the full size doors, and then move them over to the half doors, re install to vehicle and done. All the Polaris videos and instructions say the stock striker plate "will not be reused".

If my dealer can't find the old ones I suppose I need to order another set of stock strikers? Did Polaris not think people would switch back to the half doors after winter? These doors are kind of wierd, I didn't really have a choice as the dealership was only going to sell me this vehicle with the full doors. Anyways, if anyone has experience swapping the doors back and forth any help appreciated.
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I swap my doors back and forth every year. I have a 22 XP4 and had them on my last general also. It looks like you have a 2 seater so a bit easier but you will need the half door strikers and hinge bushings The half door strikers are a smaller diameter. The hinge bushings are different on the full doors versus the half doors. Full doors use an aluminum bushing that is thicker and half doors use 2 plastic bushings on each hinge. On a 4 door you can leave the rear strikers on they are the same size just reinforced. Its also helpful to have two sets of hinges for the front doors. Polaris has you remove them from the half doors and put them on the full doors but if you go back and forth that part makes it a pain. The hinge bolts are reused and the front corner filler pieces can stay on year round. The full doors and half doors will fit differently. What I've found is I marked my strikers to the frame when I have the doors adjusted. Then I shut and latch the door with someone holding it on the outside and tighten up the hinge adjustments on the inside. It seems to be the quickest way to get things aligned. I can swap doors in about an hour now on a XP4 with just some help from one of my kids to tighten stuff well I hold it in place.
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Okay awesome thanks for the information. Looks like I am going to have to order some parts then because my original bushings and original striker plates were not given to me.
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