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Front Support Roll Cage

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Hi All,

First official post.
Anyone know what after marker front roll cage support bars are used here. Or even the other added bars.
Really cool stuff. I want whatever they are using!

ty in advance!

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Looks very home made to me….To each his own…. but I for one do not like the look…
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Is that a general?
Looks like a rzr to me.

Almost looks like a camera up front, could be one of those expensive filming rigs.
Or maybe it's a Google map car for the trails lol
So you're looking for an autonomous military vehicle?

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Land vehicle Wheel Vehicle Automotive tire Car

Ugly as sin.
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Autonomous! Thats awesome, It would be great if I could stay home and watch NASCAR while my machine goes for a ride!
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I'll take a military vehicle for a ride!
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