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Was reading the owner's manual when I found the break in section. Do everyone follow it or do you have your own method of breaking in a new SxS?

Owner's Manual
The break-in period for your new POLARIS vehicle is the first 25 hours of operation, or the
time it takes to use the first two tanks full of fuel. No single action on your part is as
important as a proper break-in period. Careful treatment of a new engine will result in more
efficient performance and longer life for the engine. Perform the following procedures
NOTICE: Excessive heat build-up during the first three hours of operation will damage close-fitted
engine parts. Do not operate at full throttle or high speeds for extended periods during the
first three hours of use.
Engine and Drivetrain Break-in
1. Fill the fuel tank with clean, fresh fuel. Review the fuel warnings on page 18.
2. Check the oil level. Add the recommended oil as needed to maintain the oil level in the
normal (safe) operating range.
3. Drive slowly at first. Select an open area that allows room to familiarize yourself with
vehicle operation and handling.
4. Vary throttle positions. Do not operate at sustained idle.
5. Perform regular checks on fluid levels, controls and areas outlined on the daily pre-ride
inspection checklist. See page 38.
6. During the break-in period, change both the oil and the filter at 25 hours.
7. Check fluid levels of transmission and all gearcases after the first 25 hours of operation
and every 100 hours thereafter.
8. Pull only light loads.
PVT Break-in (Clutches/Belt)
A proper break-in of the clutches and drive belt will ensure a longer life and better
performance. Break in the clutches and belt by operating at slower speeds during the breakin
period as recommended. Pull only light loads. Avoid aggressive acceleration and high
speed operation during the break-in period.
If a belt fails, always clean any debris from the clutch air duct and from the engine
compartment. See page 72

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Yes, same as Ranger and other Polaris machines. Also, I have never changed oil in anything without changing the filter.
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