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Found a new place to ride, well a place I haven't been yet. Going there 6-1-19. 6,500 acres, looks awesome. The bigger attraction to me at this time is they have rentals. Since I am still on the fence as to what machine I want, we are going to rent a G4 and see how we like it. I haven't driven a General at all yet, so I am very very excited. I think a 4 seater would be nice to be able to take friends along. I really only have 2 couples that we run with. While they like the offroading, I don't see them spending the money for a machine. But the G4 looks like a schoolbus!! Curious how the length works on the trails. I tend to enjoy a more technical trail, though nothing crazy.

Been on the forum for awhile and been studying.

I have read / heard about the "strong" engine breaking, anxious to see if it is something I can live with.

Not impressed with the fact they still come with the square pucks. I don't think when you buy a new machine you have to immediately start doing mods. A little nervous about the rear diff explosions I have seen. Not a fan of the turf mode. Even though I plan to use it around the house, I think I would just leave the rear locked all the time. Or is that the wrong kind of thinking?

I am not one to push the machine to its limits, kind of an old and slow rider.

Anyhow, can't wait to ride, been too long! Will report back.
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