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Cold Fronts (Grille Covers) for cold weather

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Cold Fronts (grille covers)
These help maintain a higher engine temp in the winter which helps with heat output. For example, my General runs at about 174º-176º in the winter with no cover. I get no warm air out of my heater at those temps. With the cover in place, my General runs between 190º-205º and I get nice warm air out of my heater.
Obviously, you do not run these in warmer weather or if you see your engine temps climbing into the "hot" zone.

These are made to order; you choose the embroidery color and whether or not you need the camera provision.
The covers come with 9 zip ties for easy attachment to/removal from your grille.
$45.00 Shipped to your door
PayPal accepted
Please PM me to order.

Please note, these do not have "Polaris" on them. They simply have "General" embroidered on them. Best to avoid any trademark issues.


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Would like to order one with Predator (in red) for a 2018 with front camera
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