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Cold Fronts (Grille Covers) for cold weather

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Cold Fronts (grille covers)
These help maintain a higher engine temp in the winter which helps with heat output. For example, my General runs at about 174º-176º in the winter with no cover. I get no warm air out of my heater at those temps. With the cover in place, my General runs between 190º-205º and I get nice warm air out of my heater.
Obviously, you do not run these in warmer weather or if you see your engine temps climbing into the "hot" zone.

These are made to order; you choose the embroidery color and whether or not you need the camera provision.
The covers come with 9 zip ties for easy attachment to/removal from your grille.
$45.00 Shipped to your door
PayPal accepted
Please PM me to order.

Please note, these do not have "Polaris" on them. They simply have "General" embroidered on them. Best to avoid any trademark issues.


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Great! Thanks so much for the update! :)
Great! I love to hear that! Thanks again! :)
Well, I feel your pain, BC! I'm back home at my parents' in SoCal right now where next to the ocean we've got a frigid 72º! But at the end of the month I'll be back in the frozen tundra & putting my grill cover back on! :cool:
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Thanks, Johnny! I was able to message them. (y)
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Just an update for all those who ordered recently, I got back from vacation out of state yesterday & I've finished everyone's order so I'm all caught up! Yay! Thanks so much for your patience! I'll be PMing everyone their tracking info, too, but here's a peek at some of the goods! I'm just packaging everything up now & they'll be in the mail tomorrow.

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Thank you!
I can. I've had a few inquiries from different areas of Canada and based on those, the shipping is really high; it's about $14, so that would have to be added on to the price, unfortunately. It's a bummer it's so high, I can practically throw them across the border. lol! I'm in the Duluth area.
Sounds good! Just shoot me a PM when you're ready & we'll go from there. (y)
Hi, Do you have for a 2014 Polaris Ranger? I would like to see and know cost and then how to order? Thanks!
I’m sorry, I don’t make them for the Ranger. I don’t know anyone with a Ranger so I’ve not been able to pattern from the grills. I believe they have several different shapes, as well. Maybe at some point but no luck so far.
@BWell I messaged you but I'm not sure you'll get it because you're a new member. Please message me your email address.
Fantastic! Thanks so much for letting me know! :)
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Great! I'm glad it arrived so quickly!
We're buzzing along at -5º right now! I hope your weather is at least a little nicer! :)
@drsmitty74 I was out fishing yesterday in -30º with a 20 mph wind. I had heat! I'm also running my lower grill cover prototype. With that in place, the cooling fan even kicked on! I was really surprised! Man, it was COLD!!


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Fantastic! I'm happy to hear that!
Yes! This week is going to be brutally cold. Yikes! Hopefully you'll build some fishable ice!
Looks great on there EBEvo8! That was a good choice for the color. (y)
TaterTots, do you have grizztech radiator shields on? Maybe that would help? My machine takes a loong time to heat up.
I do have GrizzzTec's full set. I don't think they affect the warmup time but I don't know for certain. If they do, it wasn't noticeable on my machine, I guess.
Wow! That looks amazing!

Thanks so much everyone for posting your pics! Keep ‘em coming! I love to see all the colors in place! :love:
That looks great! (y) Love the color combination of your machine, too! Thanks for showing it off!
Hi ND! I believe you can receive messages with a new account so try to I'll message you now. (Otherwise, I'll shoot you a text in a bit). Thanks! :)
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