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  1. General 1000 Engine & Transmission
    Been doing some reading on the general's reverse chain while I'm waiting to take delivery of my general. Absolutely everything I read supports the claim that the Polaris OEM chain is undersized. I've watched videos and read plenty of forums of guys snapping them with no major aftermarket...
  2. General 1000 Engine & Transmission
    Afternoon everyone. looking online i see a few issues with the Polaris General transmissions. now i am not sure what years have been updated etc etc. i currently have a 2021 General. looks like the snorkel gear has changed from 2019 and the turf mode now is more like a limited slip...
  3. General 1000 Engine & Transmission
    Hi Just had my bike out for the first ride and low and behold after sitting in the garage an oil slick on the floor. Remove the stump pan and the transmission case is weeping oil when hot. Kind of a bummer didn't even have it for an hour. From what Ive read it is probably a case of not enough...
1-3 of 3 Results