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  1. General 1000 Accessories & Add Ons
    First build, install a pair of pod lights that wouldn't interfere with my flip up windshield. I started by plasma cutting up some old steel 1/8" plate I had laying around from a salvage. I ended up cutting this piece up and with some finish grinding to make 2 pieces 7/8" wide by 4.5" long...
  2. General 1000 Electrical & Lighting
    Got around putting a chase light on They are amber fog lights. With wigwag switch.
  3. General 1000 Electrical & Lighting
    With all the light bars on the market, which ones have the correct wiring harness for the Polaris pulse wiring system? Obviously Polaris sells the lights and the harness, but the off-market LED lights are much cheaper. Can I use the off-market lights with the correct fittings? Or do I buy a...
1-3 of 3 Results