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high clearance a arms
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  1. General 1000 Chassis, Suspension And Body
    Was doing some digging and was not able to find an answer. Will XP axle shafts physically fit the diff and hub of a non-XP general? Are the diff/hub the same spline/diameter between the 2 models? Was thinking about changing my non XP over to the 64" width and trying to see if I can stick with...
  2. General 1000 Chassis, Suspension And Body
    I have a 2019 g2 deluxe. I put a satv 3” lift on it with 32s and still rubbed a little so I ordered front 1.5” satv a arms. I cannot get the front sway bar to connect to the bracket on the upper a arm. The sway bar seems to not be long enough so I have about a 1” gap from bracket to the sway bar...
1-2 of 2 Results