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  1. General 1000 Accessories & Add Ons
    If they were all the same price, which upper doors would you go with? Polaris? Spike? Seizmik? Others? I'm seeing that NONE of them are perfect. I'd just like to get some that work well, go on/off fairly easily and are actually available. Made in the USA would be a plus.
  2. General 1000 Accessories & Add Ons
    I just purchased a 2021 General Deluxe, and I'm wanting to install some led lights. But I don't know how to remove the switch plate safely and without damaging anything. Been searching youtube, and shocked that there are no good videos out there. If anyone knows how to do this, and can share...
  3. New Member Introductions
    Hey guys, forum is awesome, great insight before ordering. Ended up ordering 2021 General XP 4 1000 Deluxe, Super graphite with ride command and stage 4 sound. Added front and rear glass, upper doors, heater, a arm guards f+r, rock sliders, and warranty. Thanks for all the knowledge available...
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  6. General 1000 Accessories & Add Ons
    About to pull the trigger on a Polaris General and I can't decide if I should spend the extra 2k for the Ride Command upgrade or not. Does it work as advertised as far as the GPS or would I be better off just getting an aftermarket GPS installed later on?
  7. General 1000 Engine & Transmission
    2017 General. Problem: check engine light on, throwing 2 codes, sputtering. Had been sitting over the winter for a few months. Checked Spark plugs, belt, both fine. Tried new O2 sensor and voltage regulator. 2 different codes; 1st code is 4/520209/1 2nd code is 4/520209/2 Any other ideas to try??
  8. Polaris General 1000s For Sale
    This is my sons General. He just doesn’t ride it much anymore and is wanting a 4 foot in the future.
1-8 of 8 Results