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  1. Polaris General 1000 Parts For Sale
    Fits all models of Polaris General 16-23. Only selling because I switched to glass windshield for NC street legal use. Windshield is in great condition, only a couple extremely light marks. Everything is included for install and works perfectly. Located in NC 28636. Local meet/pickup...
  2. General 1000 Engine & Transmission
    Hi I have a few questions. Is it normal for the input shaft to have play? It rotates a good 1/8in either way before it like actually engages the gears. 2022 Polaris general xp 1000 Also I had an odd sound coming from the rear, like a loud clicking, didn’t sound healthy, but it’s only there when...
  3. Polaris General 1000s For Sale
    Mileage 1302 Hours 98.7 Certificate of Origin Only Ricochet Front/Rear Arm guards Vigilante Customz Halos/Whips/Rock Lights Black Oak LEDs Garmin Power Switch Rock Sliders Rear Bumper Glass Windshield Fire Extinguisher/Holder Extended Warranty Expires 4/7/2025 Location Buckhannon WV 6500#...
  4. General 1000 Versus The Competition
    Hello all! I am torn right now with what I should do. I have a 2021 KRX1000 that is a fantastic machine and rides amazing. However, storage can become an issue. I have a subwoofer in the back and can only fit one cooler before ultimately running out of trunk space. After going hunting is when I...
  5. Polaris General 1000 Parts For Sale
    Replacement base bracket for the OEM tip out glass windshield on a Polaris General. Modified and strengthened to resist breaking. I also offer an extended handle :) CLICK HERE TO ORDER! ( Polaris General Tip Out Base Bracket ) Replaces Polaris part number 5452826 I can print these in any...
  6. What Did You Do To Your Polaris General Today?
    Check out these awesome hood inserts I have been working on for a customer. I think they're going to turn out great! They will be available soon, after some final test fits!
  7. Southwest / Arizona
    I am currently offering Dragon Fire Racing Harness Pass Through installations on any factory Polaris General seats from 2015-2022. Where are you located? I am located in East Mesa, where you can both drop off and pick up your seats. (I do offer seat pick up and delivery for an additional fee)...
  8. Want To Buy
    I am hoping someone has an XP4 cage sitting in their shop or backyard after replacing with a custom. Assuming they want to get out of there! I am in need of about half the parts after a light roll over I don’t want a custom cage yet with all the accessories, etc…planned. Any help is...
  9. General 1000 Engine & Transmission
    Got the new MBRP exhaust on today. Super happy with the sound and power improvements. Snapped both of the bolts off trying to get the old pipe off but a quick trip to the dealership gave me some new (much less rusted) bolts for replacement. Having an issue with hitting the rev limiter now if I...
  10. General 1000 Chassis, Suspension And Body
    I was wondering what anyone here from the Pacific Northwest or any similar wet climate has went with for upper doors. Definitely need to get something asap to keep the rain out and have seen lots of mixed reviews about Polaris, seizmik, etc.. what do you guys like?
  11. Polaris General 1000 Build Section
    Anyone know who makes a license plate bracket kit for regular plates. State of Michigan gives you a full size plate as do other states but most kit you buy have small motorcycle brakets.trying to find something before tie straps break Thanks for any help
  12. Want To Buy
    Hi, I recently purchased a 2021 General Deluxe with a damaged passenger side lower door. I am looking for a Burgundy Metallic door to replace the damaged one if the price is right.
  13. Polaris General 1000 Parts For Sale
    Hey Everyone! My name is Derek. I am a Design Engineer by trade and CNC operator when needed. I own and maintain a 3D printer to put life to my designs. One of the most satisfying things ever, seeing your work become a reality. Several months ago, my Father-in-law came to me requesting a fix...
  14. General 1000 Problems, Issues And Defects
    Hello, I have a 2016 general with around 5000 miles and I have a whine/whistle from my clutches when in park or neutral. When you put it in gear the noise goes away. When it's running it is hard to put into gear but easy to put into gear when it's off. Also sometimes if you are completely...
  15. General 1000 Accessories & Add Ons
    If they were all the same price, which upper doors would you go with? Polaris? Spike? Seizmik? Others? I'm seeing that NONE of them are perfect. I'd just like to get some that work well, go on/off fairly easily and are actually available. Made in the USA would be a plus.
  16. General 1000 Accessories & Add Ons
    I just purchased a 2021 General Deluxe, and I'm wanting to install some led lights. But I don't know how to remove the switch plate safely and without damaging anything. Been searching youtube, and shocked that there are no good videos out there. If anyone knows how to do this, and can share...
  17. New Member Introductions
    Hey guys, forum is awesome, great insight before ordering. Ended up ordering 2021 General XP 4 1000 Deluxe, Super graphite with ride command and stage 4 sound. Added front and rear glass, upper doors, heater, a arm guards f+r, rock sliders, and warranty. Thanks for all the knowledge available...
  18. Polaris General 1000 Videos and Pictures
1-18 of 24 Results