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  1. General 1000 How To And DIY
    Built a rear rack from some 1x1 square tubing and flat plate. Pretty happy with it.
  2. General 1000 Accessories & Add Ons
    First build, install a pair of pod lights that wouldn't interfere with my flip up windshield. I started by plasma cutting up some old steel 1/8" plate I had laying around from a salvage. I ended up cutting this piece up and with some finish grinding to make 2 pieces 7/8" wide by 4.5" long...
  3. Polaris General 1000 Parts For Sale
    Hey Everyone! My name is Derek. I am a Design Engineer by trade and CNC operator when needed. I own and maintain a 3D printer to put life to my designs. One of the most satisfying things ever, seeing your work become a reality. Several months ago, my Father-in-law came to me requesting a fix...
1-3 of 4 Results