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  1. New Member Introductions
    My name is Trent Smith and I'm new to the forum. I purchased a 22 General XP 1000 last year and I'm looking for anyone that has dxf or cad drawings for accessories, skid plates or anything else for a General. Looking to make some cool bits and pieces for my General! Thanks, T
  2. Polaris General 1000 Videos and Pictures
    Hi all! I created a channel in the summer of 2021 that focuses on Polaris General Mods and some overlanding trips that my buddies and I take. Hoping some of the videos will help the group and wanted to share a trailer that I created that shows what the channel is about. It's 3 minutes long...
  3. General 1000 Accessories & Add Ons
    Just put a deposit down for a 2022 General XP4 Ride Command. I know it’s going to take a few months to receive my unit as my dealer will find out exactly what allocations they’re being given on November 1st, but I wanted to start looking at what out of the box add ons I want now while I’ve got...
  4. Polaris General 1000 Build Section
    Greetings from the Central AZ desert... Just ordered my 2022 XP 4 Deluxe RC in Ghost White. First-time owner of ANY ATV/UTV. My father once told me, "Don't be afraid to buy the best son. You'll never be disappointed." How true, but a blessing and a curse... Now the wait until August (if I'm...
  5. General 1000 Accessories & Add Ons
    Hello all, just recently purchased a 21 xp 4. Loving it so far. Does anyone else have a half windshield from Polaris? Ours seems to direct the wind straight into our faces! We had a teryx 4 with half windshield and this one for whatever reason doesn’t block near the wind and almost seems to...
1-5 of 5 Results